Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic jewelry promotes blood circulation, warmth, pain and stress relief, healing and quality of living.
The Magnetic Bracelet is more supple and beautiful when worn on the wrist. It is said that the bracelet is generally worn on the left hand, it is gold, can bring luck, wealth (speaks of the left hand into the money); is also a kind of commemorative decorations. Do not wear the bracelet when you take a shower or swimming or diving.
Extra strength magnets reduce pain, fatigue & muscle tension. Improve blood circulation, energy, balance, and sleep. Guaranteed to be Lead & Nickel free; No more allergic reactions commonly found with stainless steel and copper bracelets & bangles
Looks great and fashionable on women, this health magnetic bracelet will definitely add an impressive touch to your look!
Elegant magnetic jewelry box suit make a great bracelet gift for any occasion. Gift to Parents and Husband, great birthday gift, Christmas gift, Anniversary gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift or Valentine's day gift.
ES Jewelry is one of the leading Magnetic Bracelets suppliers and manufacturers in China with durable standards and high quality. We welcome you to buy discount product with low price here.

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