Stainless Steel Bracelet

Our stainless steel bracelet are environmental and no harm to skin , will never fade color and non-deformation. You can wear it when you working, sporting, shower, and you can also wear it in casual, the classic style of the bracelet makes it perfect for stacking with other bracelets as well.
Polished surface, seamless, the hidden clasp makes it look like a solid oval on your wrist. This bangle comes with elegant jewelry box, Impress her or him with this romantic gift.
1. Stainless steel bracelet has good strength, strong corrosion resistance and no radioactivity;
2. The surface is smooth and compact, has good self-cleaning and is easy to clean;
3. Easy to maintain, if there is a slight scratch, it can be removed by rubbing with a toothpaste and rubbing with a toothpaste;
4. Beautiful appearance: The stainless steel pattern is clear and smooth, the color is rich and varied, the shape is exquisite, the surface is bright and smooth as jade, and the sanding quality is noble and elegant;
5. Variety in shapes, we can process and design according to customer requirements;
ES Jewelry is one of the leading Stainless Steel Bracelet suppliers and manufacturers in China with durable standards and high quality. We welcome you to buy discount product with low price here.

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